Speedy Garage Door Services specializes in delivering exceptional commercial garage door solutions that meet the diverse needs of business spaces. Our experts are quick, dependable, and skilled in making sure your garage doors work well. Whether it’s installation, repair, or maintenance, our expertise covers all aspects of garage door service. Count on us to make your commercial area work better and safer with our excellent service.


We recommend a preventive maintenance program tailored to your needs. Whether you are a commercial building owner or a business tenant, the safety of those people working around those doors is a must.

We do a 21 point inspection on your doors to ensure that all parts are in good working order. We start by establishing a baseline inspection of your doors, make recommendations for repair, set up a regularly scheduled inspection program that can be done monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually by one of our qualified technicians.

We will put together a report annually on your doors so you can understand what you spend on repairs and maintenance of those doors. This report can be used as a component of your annual budget to determine if the doors should be replaced or left in service under a preventive maintenance Plan

We Repair All Garage Door Brands