Comprehensive Maintenance for Your Garage Door

Speedy Garage Door Services offers various maintenance tasks to ensure your garage door works well, securely, and without wasting energy. An important task we do is oiling all the parts of your garage door that move. This means we put special oil on parts like rollers, hinges, and springs. Doing this helps reduce wear, stops rust, and makes these parts last longer, making sure your door opens and closes smoothly.
We also check to make sure your door is hanging correctly. The door needs to be balanced right so it works properly. If it’s not balanced, it could cause extra strain on the opener and other parts, which could make them wear out too soon or break. Our experienced team will make adjustments to make sure your door moves evenly, helping it last longer and work better.

Weatherproofing and Aesthetic Upkeep

We also replace the weatherstripping to keep your garage and what’s inside safe from the weather. Weatherstripping can get old and damaged over time, which might let drafts, water, and dirt into your garage. We put in new, better weatherstripping to keep the weather out.
We know your garage door plays a big role in how your home looks. That’s why we offer cleaning and painting services to keep your door looking great. Whether it’s washing off dirt or putting on a new coat of paint, our services help make your door and your home look more attractive.

Safety and Longevity

Cleaning the tracks is another important part of what we do. If there’s stuff in the tracks, it can make your garage door not work right. Our team carefully removes any blockages to make sure your door works smoothly. Keeping up with maintenance not only makes your garage door last longer but also helps keep your home safe and secure.
By choosing Speedy Garage Door Services for your garage door maintenance, you can be sure that every detail of your door’s operation is being looked after. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch, dependable service to ensure your garage door works all year flawlessly.

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