Somers, CT

Garage Door Installation and Maintenance Services in Somers, CT


We service all brands of garage doors and motors. Proper service & maintenance is a must!


We’ll help you choose a garage door to fit your home with top garage door manufacturers.


We offer a wide selection of insulated and non-insulated commercial doors and openers.


Speedy Garage Door is your go-to partner for professional garage door installation and repair in Somers, CT. We provide diverse garage door services tailored to ensure your garage door operates optimally. We deliver flawless residential and commercial garage door solutions, emphasizing durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Whether opting for a garage door installation or a prompt repair, our commitment to customer satisfaction stands paramount. We know how important secure and fully functional garage doors are, so we use the best materials and the latest technology to deliver reliable and lasting solutions. Elevate your space safety with our expert services.

Ensured Quick and Hassle-Free Repairs

With Speedy Garage Door, you can access unparalleled garage door repair expertise. We’re adept at handling a variety of garage door issues, including garage door torsion spring replacement, screw drive garage door repair, and providing accurate garage door spring repair estimates. We know your security gets compromised when issues lie in your garage door, so we strive to offer swift and effective repair services. Our approach involves a thorough inspection, precise diagnosis, and expert repair work, ensuring your garage door returns to optimal performance. Our commitment to efficiency means you can expect a hassle-free repair process, minimizing downtime and ensuring your garage door functions safely and reliably for years.

Reliable and Cheap Garage Door Opener Service

Ensuring garage door opener works optimally is crucial, and that’s where Speedy Garage Door excels. Our comprehensive garage door opener service covers everything, including maintenance and intricate repairs. We have extensive experience with all types of garage door openers, including the latest models and traditional screw drive units. Our team is equipped to address common problems, including wear and tear, alignment problems, and electronic malfunctions, providing a system that operates smoothly and efficiently. By choosing us for your garage door opener needs, you benefit from our commitment to excellence and a focus on security. Trust our garage repair company to maintain your system, ensuring reliable access and peace of mind.

Roller Installation and Maintenance

We have been installing rollers for your commercial and residential garage doors for decades. Our extensive expertise and localized knowledge enable us to install them quickly and perfectly.

Roller Lubrication and Alignment – Keeping Your Garage Doors New

At Speedy Garage Door Services, we’re dedicated to maintaining the lifespan and performance of your garage doors in Somers, CT, with our expert roller lubrication and alignment services. Proper maintenance ensures your garage door operates smoothly and quietly, preventing wear and tear before it starts. Our specialized service lubricates the moving parts and aligns the rollers perfectly, eliminating any jerky movements or noises. This preventative approach keeps your garage doors functioning as if they were new, enhancing their durability and reliability. Trust us to provide care for your garage door to stay in top condition year-round.
We Repair All Garage Door Brands