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Why Speedy Garage Door Services Westfield MA?

Speedy Garage Door specializes in the repair & installation of residential and commercial garage doors. With 25 years’ experience in the industry, we fix your garage doors and provide you with tips to keep your garage doors working for a longer time. If your garage door broke down in the middle of the night, our 24 hours, emergency service is there to help you. So, why not Speedy Garage Door Services Westfield MA?

Tips To Keep Your Garage Door Operational

How Often a Garage Door Needs to be Lubricated?

While there are different types of Garage Doors, most garage doors need to be lubricated every three months or close to that.

Otherwise, if there is any squeaking noise or grinding sound, it means that it’s time to lubricate your garage door. Because of the moving parts in your garage door, some parts start to wear away gradually. That’s why you need to lubricate your garage door regularly.

During the winters, metal parts start to contract, which causes high friction. To save your garage door from breaking, you need to make sure the garage door is lubricated enough for the season.

Which Parts Of Garage Doors Need Lubrication?

Garage doors consist of small parts that need lubrication. First, you need to lubricate the springs, rollers, tracks, and hinges to get the most stress and need lubrication most frequently.

These parts need to lubricate every three months or so in terms of heavy use or extreme weather conditions, and it might need lubrication more often.

The rails for your garage doors need lubrication once a year, but they don’t require much maintenance.

What Lubricant Should Be Used?

To lubricate your garage doors, don’t think of products like grease just because garage doors are heavy-duty. Heavier products and grease are not the best choice.

Heavier products like grease attract dust and debris, which causes more friction and might shorten your garage door’s life span. They would also lubricate the parts which don’t need it.

There are special products for your garage doors explicitly made for garage doors, which don’t attract dust.

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